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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's not our fault either

The federal government is going to hand out billions upon billions of dollars following Hurricane Katrina. While what these people in the gulf region have gone through is a tragedy, more and more, we're seeing a lack of personal responsibility:

(Associated Press) Kenny Deluane, 51, clad in boots and a respiratory mask, dragged barely recognizable furniture out of his water-sodden house in St. Bernard Parish just to the east of New Orleans and looked at it with an expression of disgust.
"I can't haul it and I'm not paying somebody to haul it," he said. "It ain't my fault my house flooded."

No Kenny, it's not your fault. But, it is your responsiblity to clean it up. You chose to live in a location that was as much as 20 feet below sea level, and in an often hurricane ravaged region. Mother Nature strikes where and when she wants, and with uncontrollable ferocity. But, when she does, it is the duty of those in her path to clean up the mess...
Anything that comes from the outside is charity, and should be voluntary.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Reports of murder, rape and armed gunmen roving the New Orleans Superdome, the Convention Center and surrounding streets were WAY overblown according to this report. Watch during the next week how little you hear about this on the very networks that propagated these apparent rumors.

Some will turn this into a race issue: blaming the media, politicians and law enforcement for either purposefully or subconsciously making the largely black population of refugees seem like residents of a rogue third-world nation. At the same time, you and I bought into the reports, believing what we were told. Are we to blame too? Perhaps.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Wouldn't we have been better off had Rita made land fall in the same place as Katrina? So many reporters and anchors opined during the days leading up to Rita's landfall that it was good the hurricane was going to strike west of Katrina's swath. But, considering the billions of dollars that are going to stream into the Katrina-damaged areas, why would we want an entirely new area of damage to have to deal with?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"I" is for ignorant

The presence of Labor Unions in the public sector will be the bane of many government services, as we know them...and before politicians figure out how to correct the problem, you and I will pay for it.

So many union members have no idea what their real purpose is. Most teachers think WEAC and the NEA is out to protect them. During the past 80 years, unions have morphed from organizations that have the employees at heart, into financial machines that have election and police influence in mind.

For instance, why does WEAC advocate smaller classes? Is it because kids learn better when they are surrounded by 18 students rather than 28? NO! There's little evidence to support that they do. In fact, there's just as much evidence point out that class size doesn't make much difference at all. The reason is that smaller classrooms mean more teachers, which means more dues paid to the local, state and national levels of the unions, which means more ammunition with which to fight mostly conservatives politicians.

Beware teachers; you are being used!

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